Diamond View School

Diamond View School

850 Richmond Rd


(530) 257-5144

Welcome to Diamond View School. Our outstanding instructional staff serves middle school students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. At Diamond View School we value respect, responsibility, and achievement. We have high standards for academic achievement, and believe that all students have the ability to learn grade level content every day. Our teachers are instructional leaders who use direct instruction and regular assessment to ensure that all students are learning grade level standards. We strive to prepare our graduates for success in high school, with a focus on college and career. Our school provides a safe environment for student learning and growth. Rules and high expectations for conduct are clearly communicated and consistently enforced. Students and staff show respect and integrity and are recognized by the community for their academic excellence, citizenship, and professionalism. We continuously seek to involve families as partners in the education of their children. Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities. We offer a comprehensive middle school experience for students. Along with core instruction, students participate in an inclusive physical education program, have access to state-of-the-art science labs, and enjoy computer lab, library, and support services. Student leaders help facilitate many of our extra-curricular activities which include student council, school spirit rallies, dances, student store, key club, and book club. We offer many afterschool activities including Drill Team, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Girls’ Volleyball, Cross Country, Track, Drama Club, DV Girls’ Club, Yearbook, Geography Bowl, and Spelling Bee. At Diamond View School, we seek to meet the diverse needs of our community in a safe and nurturing environment. We take pride in our “Pride of Panthers!”

Head Start

Name: Head Start

Address: 195 Russel Ave, Susanville

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-2343

Head Start – Leavitt Lake

Name: Head Start – Leavitt Lake

Address: 710-400 Willow

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-7530

Head Start – Union Street

Name: Head Start – Union Street

Address: 65 North Union

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-8220

Janesville Elementary

Name: Janesville Elementary

Address: Janesville

Business Website Address: http://www.janesvilleschool.org/default.aspx

Business Phone Number: (530) 253-3551

Johnstonville Elementary

Name: Johnstonville Elementary

Address: Johnstonville

Business Website Address: http://www.janesvilleschool.org/default.aspx

Business Phone Number: (530) 253-3551

Juniper Ridge Virtual Academy

 Juniper Ridge Virtual Academy




Just Kidding Around

Name: Just Kidding Around

Address: 655 Ash Street Susanville, CA 96130

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-0303

KidsROCK Academy

Name: KidsRock Academy

Address: PO Box 1615 Susanville, CA

Business Phone Number: 530.350.0548

Lassen Christian Academy

Name: Lassen Christian Academy

Address: 2545 Riverside Dr.

Business Website Address: http://www.lcaschool.com/

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-6420

Lassen Community College

Name: Lassen Community College

Address: P.O. Box 3000

Business Website Address: http://www.lassencollege.edu/

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-6181

Lassen County Office of Education

Name: Lassen County Office of Education

Address: 472-013 Johnstonville Rd

Business Website Address: http://www.lassencoe.org/

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-2196

Lassen Union High School

Lassen Union High School

1110 Main St


McKinley Elementary

Name: McKinley Elementary

Address: 2005 4th St

Business Website Address: http://www.susanvillestuff.com/mckinleyelementary.html?sectionid=3

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-5161

Meadow View Elementary

Name: Meadow View Elementary

Address: 1200 Paiute Ln

Business Website Address: http://www.susanvillestuff.com/meadowview.html?sectionid=4

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-3000

Richmond Elementary

Name: Richmond Elementary

Address: 700-585 Richmond Rd

Business Website Address: http://www.susanvillestuff.com/richmondschool.html

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-2338

Seventh Day Adventist School

Name: Seventh Day Adventist School

Address: 5th & Cedar

Business Website Address: http://schools.privateschoolsreport.com/California/Susanville/SusanvilleSdaSchool.html

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-5045

Shaffer Elementary

Name: Shaffer Elementary

Address: Hwy 395 Litchfield

Business Website Address: http://www.shafferschool.com/

Business Phone Number: (530) 254-6577

Sunshine Preschool

Name: Sunshine Preschool

Address: 70 S Lassen

Business Phone Number: (530) 251-5576

Susanville Elementary School District

Name: Susanville Elementary School District

Address: 109 S. Gilman

Business Website Address: http://susanvillesd.org/

Business Phone Number: (530) 257-8200

Westwood Charter School

Name: Westwood Charter School

Address: 324 Birch Westwood, CA 96137

Business Phone Number: (530) 256-2994